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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bare Ecentuals Lip Plumper

One of the best lip plumpers I have EVER tried. While browsing at Sephora (my favorite passtime) I noticed Bare Escentuals has a new line of Buxom Glosses- Big and Healthy Lip Creams. The nude shade, White Russian, stood out to me immedietely of course... because 1,000,001 lip colors in the the same shade isn't enough right?☺

The packaging is similar to the other buxom lip products- a standard box with no bells or whistles:

The tube of lip gloss itself is really cool. Even though its a run of the mill container, the plastic is frosted which ups the prettiness factor of the packaging.

I love White Russian for the color. I'm a die hard nude lip fan- its my go-to always and forever. We're not just interested in it for the color though right? Did it actually plump my lips like it promises?

Here's my lips with nothing on them:

Awww. Sad looking "before" lips

Here's what my lips looked like after having White Russian on for about ten minutes:

Here's what my lips looked like after about 20 minutes of wear:

I tried to take pictures at as close to the same distance as possible so the pictures wouldn't be distorted. Overall, I feel that compared to other lip plumpers I've tried, the Big & Healthy Lip Cream has significantly plumped my lips. Not trout pout but a noticeable size. I do realize that the glossiness and light color of the product does reflect light and makes my lips look a bit larger like any non-plumping gloss of the same color likely would. I can safetly say that this gloss did make my lips temporarily larger due to the plumping ingredients in it.
 What's great about this product also is that it does not sting, burn, or irritate the lips. It has a pleasant cool minty feeling/flavor which isn't intolerable. In my book, its actually pleasant. If you're on the market for a non irritating plumper that actually works, definitely check this one out.

What are your experiences been with lip plumpers? Have you found any that you absolutely love?

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