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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nubbin Party!

Lately my nails have been breaking really easily. The corners were all breaking and looking not-so-nice, so I chopped my already short looking nails into nubbins. I also retrieved my favorite nail hardener from my stash. I came across it at my local beauty supply store a few years ago, and this is my second bottle. I don't always use it, but I can depend on it when my nails are in need of some serious strengthening. Its called "Quimica Alemana", which is a Colombian brand (sold in the U.S.).

The formula is a milky white color, which goes on clear. The box (not pictured) advises you to paint on one coat every day for five days. At the end of that, you remove the polish and begin the process again until you are satisfied with the results. Though everyone is different, for me this usually takes about 2-3 weeks of use. I've tried other nail hardeners that I wasn't really happy with, the latest being Nail Tek Intensive Repair. This product however, I swear by. The best part is, its inexpensive and ranges from $7-$9 depending on location. It must be noted however, that this nail hardener is NOT big 3-free. That may or may not be an issue for some of you, but I did want to let you know.
Here's the ingredient list:

Lastly, here's my nubbin party:

For more information on this product, click HERE.

What are your nail hardener recommendations? Do you use any you swear by?

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