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Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh my... GOSH

Over the weekend, I was in the car, when at a traffic light, I happened to glance over through the window of Duane Reade. Dare I believe my eyes? A GOSH display? But wait, I thought GOSH was exclusive to the UK? All these thoughts took about half a nanosecond to process and before anyone new what was happening, I yelled that I'd be back, dashed through oncoming traffic and ran into Duane Reade as fast as my little legs could take me. Yes. This is how I know I need an intervention lol.
The GOSH display was a large end cap right in the from of the store and carried polishes, mascaras, liners, primers, powders, bronzers, lip products, and a small section of their current collection. My heart was set on the legends that I have yearned for from YouTube like the holographic polish (#549) and Darling lipstick but I knew it was too good to be true, as both were already gone from the display.

However, I am still super excited that this brand is now in the US, so here are some things I did pick up:

(Clockwise from the dark polish)
(a) 007 Rebel Yell, a dark dusty teal
(b) 595 Miss Sweety, a creme finish peachy-nude polish that will give the mannequin hand effect
(c) 608 Dusty Rose, a darker version of Miss Sweetie that leans more tan
(d) Lip Gloss in 0059 (no name)
(e) eyeliner in White- great for brightening up the water line and inner corner highlights.

I will keep you updated on my experiences with these products. Have you ever used anything from GOSH? Are you interested in checking this brand out?

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