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Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion Friday- Jewelry Unboxing!

While browsing around on Etsy, I came across an image of a delicate silver infinity ring that I absolutely fell in love with.

Image credit: Indulgent Designs

Still on my dainty jewelry kick, I figured at $21.00 and only $3.50 for shipping,  I couldn't go wrong. I got the ring in the mail only after a few days and couldn't wait to open it!

I tore into the package....

It came with a little round tin and a shiny golden envelope...

The ring was packaged beautifully in the tin. As you can see from the picture below, under the pink tissue paper there is some crumpled up cellophane so the ring doesn't go bouncing around...

I thought that the printed tissue paper was a really cute touch:

Couldn't wait to try it on-- perfect fit! It looks exactly like it does in the picture on the site, except in real life it's much more delicate. I really love that she makes each ring as a custom order too. She will also make above the knuckle rings if you specify the size you need.

And lastly, the seller, Laura, was really sweet and included a hand written thank you note:

I had an AMAZING experience with this seller. She was really sweet and friendly- she e-mailed me when she received my order, when it was being made, when she shipped it out. She also advised that it would take 7-10 business days but it came in only 4!

I definitely suggest you check out her jewelry- its all hand made, very reasonably priced, and you can expect beyond amazing customer service with her. Check out her jewelry here.

What do you think of infinity rings? Have you ever order jewelry from etsy?

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