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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black Lingerie

I was on one of my many trips to Rite Aid (its embarrassing sometimes!) on the hunt for a quick pick-me up after a long day. While in the Revlon section I noticed a nail polish I don't remember having seen before- Black Lingerie. From the bottle it looked like a sheer yet deep, almost black plum. While I do own similar colors (i.e. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark/Midnight) the sheer finish of this one intrigued me so I picked it up.
I was excited to do a manicure because a few days before I painted my nails a color that looked absolutely AWFUL on me- OPI Did It On Em from the Nicki Minaj collection. What a gorgeous chartreuse in the bottle- on my nails... not so much. Here is Did It On Em:

My camera freaked out and couldn't properly capture the color of Did It On Em. In real life, it is much less bright and much more yellow-based; the color reminds me of Shrek. This picture is purely to show you how awful it looked on my hands lol.
Anyway, I chopped down my nails into my beloved nubbins and applied the first coat of Black Lingerie. I was surprised to find that instead of a vampy plum, it was a true black! As you can see in the bottle from the picture below, the formula is extremely watery and sheer-ish. I had to be careful with application because the formula was so watery, it was too easy to get tons of cuticle flooding. Other than that, it took three coats to reach full opacity.

After three days, I am pleased to say I only have minimal tip wear. Even though it didn't translate to the color I thought I was purchasing (dark plum) on the nail, I still really like this color and don't have a black in my collection with a finish like this. Besides, for $4.79 (and the Rite Aid 20% discount!!) you can't really go wrong.

What are your favorite dark polish colors? Have you ever bought a polish in a store and found that it looked completely different on your nails?

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