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Monday, April 2, 2012

Physician's Formula Youthful Wear Foundation

I've passed by this foundation at the drugstore so many times and have always resisted the temptation to pick it up. It is marketed as a "Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Foundation" and I have to admit, I was curious.
Here's what the package claims:

Those are pretty serious claims for a drugstore foundation, huh?
It does come with a foundation brush. I don't prefer this type of brush (kabukis and stippling brushes seem to work really well for me) but was surprised at the softness of the bristles. They are synthetic and better than average quality, perfect for a cream product.
I brought the shade medium home with me and gave it a go yesterday. Right off the bat, I was disappointed that the shade I purchased was too light for me (there are only 3 shades, I picked up the darkest). I tried it anyway as I decided I could make up for it with copious amounts of bronzer. I love Physician's Formula and find that it is on the higher end of the spectrum with quality as far as drugstore products go, but I hate the fact that their color range is so limited- they seldom market anything for darker skin tones which is extremely unfortunate. Their skin bases and powder can only really be used for the fair-light/medium tones.
Here's what the medium color looks like swatched on my hand:
Unblended on the left, blended on the right

It has a mousse-y, whipped consistency to it. I applied the product with no primer and with the brush it came with, as directed. I immediately noticed that it looked AWFUL on my skin. I don't have giant pores but that's exactly what this foundation made it seem like. It sunk into all the little crevices and pores on my face and made it seems like my face had several little dots on it- weird and gross!! Also, though the brush did a relatively good job in evenly applying the product, I noticed that the finish was very patchy looking, even when I tried to blend with my fingers before it set.
It goes without saying that I washed it off right away and intend on bringing this foundation back. Though this problem might be corrected with primer, there are many people who dislike using primer and shouldn't have to work that hard to get a basic makeup product to look good.

Has anyone else tried this foundation? What is your experience with it?

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