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Monday, April 9, 2012

Fashion... Monday

Hey guys! On Friday, I posted about different ways to wear scarves for spring. I'm not sure what happened, but it was brought to my attention that the usual Fashion Friday post was not there. When I checked, sure enough it was gone. So my apologies to you! So instead of a Fashion Friday, we'll kick the week off right with a Fashion Monday.
As I mentioned, this post is about the different ways to wear a scarf. I love to wear scarves into spring just because the weather fluctuates so much- it may be warm throughout the way and then get super cold at night- so its great to either wear as a functional accessory or toss in your bag.
So here are my favorite ways to wear them.

First up, the classic, easy loop around your neck:

Here's a bit of a fancier way to wear the loop around the neck. All you have to do is weave the loose ends around the looped bit and it looks like a braid:

Next is the infinity scarf look- for this one you loop the scarf around your neck and tuck the ends in:

Or you can leave the ends loose for a different look:

I look angry in this picture because I clearly need a hair brush!

What are your favorite ways to wear scarves?

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