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Monday, May 14, 2012

NOTD: Flaming Poker

Hey all! Today I have a NOTD for you- a gel manicure I did on my sister over the weekend. I picked up the gel polish at Ulta from a brand called Pro Gel. The color is called Flaming Poker:

I'm really liking this brand of gel polish. The color was super easy to apply and I was able to achieve my desired opacity in just two coats. What I also like is that the color is reminiscent of China Glaze's cult favorite Ruby Pumps, but is more on the brighter berry red side.

I love the red glitter in this- it makes the color much more glam.
What are your favorite red polishes?


  1. i love herro kitty!! i love the little speckles of glitter in the polish. also, when are we going to this place together?

    <3 jess

    1. Hey Jess! Thank you for your comment :) I think there's a celebratory trip to Ulta in the works as soon as the semester is over!!

    2. I cant wait, may 23rd can't come soon enough!