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Friday, May 18, 2012

Fashion Friday: Cute Flats!

Happy Friday everyone!

It always seems like Fridays can't come fast enough but for me, that was especially true because it was my last week of classes! Next week is finals week and after that, I have a few days to breathe before I start summer classes. What better way to celebrate than to show you a pair of flats I had been dieing for for the LONGEST time? I picked these up from Fabco shoe store for $21.99:

I haven't worn these yet, but I've wanted an affordable pair of beige ballerina style flats with a black toe for soooo long. When I saw them at Fabco, I literally pounced on them and picked up the very last pair! I checked the website for you guys in case any of you were interested, and it seems like you can't shop for Fabco online, so I found two websites- one with similar styles that are high end, and my other cost effective alternative- Payless!

Click here for a bunch of higher end flats and here to snatch up the Payless ones!

Have a great weekend!

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